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August 30, 2010

it'sBeenABUSY,TIRINGbutFUN weekend!(it'sAllAboutFreeFOOD!)

well, my weekend start very well this week. I go to WORK early on Saturday & after that going out with my MATES (zombie, amer & naim).
Knyng sgguh ak bka posa ritu, nasi putih 2 pinggan, ikan bkar, sotong goreng tepung, sayur kangkung, tomyam, aym msk merah, dggng kcap n air tembikai yg cm air msak(TAWAR!!!). dgn prut yg knyng thap ROCKSTAR kami menruskan aktvt pda hari trsbut ngan menonton wyang di QB.
Guest what, ak tgk dance orientation movie, Step UP 3! hahaha.. first tyme kot rsanya ak tgk mvie mnari2 nih kt wyang.
I'm nt a FAN of that kind of movie actually but it was a great movie, everythng was great. from the actor, dancer, camera angle, everything almost PERFECT! i would suggest others to see it.. :D
fnsh d watch that mvie, I strictly go home and was hoping to watch MANCHESTER UNITED game but I receive a call from my COUSIN (A'A) 15 mins after kick-off.
he ask me to go out for makan "SAHUR". that morning I take "SAHUR" at KAPITAN QB! although the waiter there is a bit annoying tp knyg gak la ak mkn TANDORI AYAM with CHEESE NAN! credit to my cousin for the treat!
the nxt day ak mkn free lg. kwn ak lak blnja bka posa @ CHIKEN RICE SHOP! sdp kot.
credit to miss MIDAT (asst. MANAGER @ CRS Gurney Plaza).
bst gila weekend ak mggu nih. wpun pnt but it's still FUN n teramatnya KENYANG! dh terlmpau knyng sgt mkn free, akbtnya pg td ak xbgn shur!:(
BLOG ini dikarang saat lagu ASK by THE SMITHS berkumandang brsma bunyian perut ak yg LAPAR! ~~CHEERS~~

thanks to A"A & MIDAT for the 'FREE FOOD'!

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