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February 16, 2011

I Thought You'llUNDERSTAND!

hurm... first entry after a while... tajuk yang agak pelik...

Yesterday, I've said something or to be exact I tell something to someone. Well something that I think SHE can't accept or maybe She sad to hear but I never thought She'll act like that. She just offline madly and then She post something in Her FB, somethings that sound's like She is very disappointing. She even delete Her previous post which is dedicated to me.(I guess)
Well, maybe She is indeed very disappointing with me. I break my promise and I let Her down. I don't know.
But, I just WISH that She would hear & let me finish & explain everything first. Then perhaps, She'll be more UNDERSTAND and will not act like this.

What I have left to say now is I'm SORRY... deeply SORRY...

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