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November 20, 2010

Untitled(yet) Song!

The first day we meet, I never thought we be like this..
I still remeber the smile in your face..
It's been a long now since I saw that smile..
The smile that tells me everythng about you.. Everything bout you..

It's been wonderfull until thats thing occur..
I never thought it would happen this soon..
I have to accept although it make me sad..
And now, whats left is memory from you.. Memory from you..

Be happy, Be happy and don't you woried..
Smile again, Smile again Oh please smile again..
I'm ok, I'm ok, I'm gonna be ok..
Smile again, Smile again oh please smile again..

Thanks for everythng and thanks for being with me..
You've put a smile in my face..
It might not be long, It's might not be enough...
But It's a pure happy in me..

p/s : anybody have a good tune for this lyrics do let me know ya! i'm suck at playing instruments!


  1. hehehe.. ikhlas... tu sng jadi.. huhuhu./... cari gud tune utk ak sat.. wanna fnsh up thsi song... huhu....

  2. huhu.. cun.. ak nk nada yg slow but catchy.. cm lgu cake kt blog ak nih... more to sad but ctachy song la.. blh ka wei???