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October 28, 2010


Location : Lang Tengah Island, Terengganu.
Date : 22nd to 24th October 2010
Resort : D'Coconut Lagoon.

WOW! that's the first word that come out from my mouth once I see the Island even from far away. It's get even better once I have my first step into the island. Oh My God! the sand was so white and the water was very clear. I mean it's a damn clear water. This is my first time that I get the chance to witness such a WONDERFUL thing. 'Thanks GOD for allowing me to witness what you have created'. Well, my trip going absolutely perfect. The FOOD was really fantastic and I can't even stop talking about the food. It was GREAT! The ROOM is NICE, BIG & CLEAN but unfortunately, there's no TV in the room. It's ok with me because I spend most of my time outside the room doing a lot of FUN activity such as DIVING, SNORKELING & SWIMMING. Well, Overall it's been a WONDERFULL trip for me and would hardly RECOMEND this Island to all my MATE! beleive me, YOU should go to this ISLAND!

Here Is Some Pic For You To Burst!

~JETTY @ Lang Tengah Island~

 ~One of the snorkeling spot~
Pulau Batu Kucing.

 ~I JUMP from up here into the SEA~
it was FUN!

 ~SUNSET @ Lang Tengah Island~

 ~DIVING time~
dlm POOL ja!
 ~FAM Trip Participants~

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